This story is about my neighborhood, the local stores, their passion. It’s a story of yesterday, today and tomorrow. About a city of neighborhoods, people and passions. A place of community. Where time has no effect on or does it?

This is Plateau Loceau. The marketplace for your neighborhood stores. 

Plateau Loceau springs from my own personal needs. Job and limited opening hours didn’t make it easy to visit my local grocery stores on regular base. So most of the time I ended up in supermarkets, night shops or some takeaway. A pitty since I love the personal service, flexibility, passion and delicious specialties of these stores.

But what if? What if there was a place that creates a possibility to shop at your local stores and get it delivered at a place of your preference?

And so Plateau Loceau started.

Vandenpeereboomstraat 86, 2140 Borgerhout, Antwerpen - België

+32 485 84 39 18

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